Martians From Mars

The War of the Worlds [1953]

These 'martian' invaders from Mars were first imagined by H.G. Wells in his novel The War of the Worlds, and later were dipicted in the 1953 film adaptation by Byron Haskin. The martians are telapathic, and emotionless, land based creatures that descend on earth and begin killing humans. They are slightly larger than humans, but primarily inhabit their massive machanical tripods that they use to move around and attack with.


Star Trek [1966]

Spock, a main character in the show Star Trek, was first depicted when the show first aired in 1966. He is a Vulcan-human hybrid. His mother being human and his father Vulcan. He was born in the year 2230 on the planet Vulcan. Spock served on the Starship USS Enterprise alongside other species, including humans.


Star Wars [1977]

Yoda first appeared on the screen in the first Star Wars movie, released in 1977. Despite his old age and small size, Yoda is one of the most powerful and legendary Jedi Masters of all time. He has trained Jedi for over 800 years and eventually passed away after 900 years and becomes one with the force.


Alien [1979]

The main alien antagonist from the 1979 film Alien is one of an extremely violent and dangerous species called Xenomorphs. The Alien’s goals are to propagate their species and destroy anything that poses a threat. When encountered by a human space craft the Alien wipes out almost the entire crew after being birthed out of its human host. Within hours of birth this species reaches full size, a terrifying 8 feet, and is extremely intelligent born killer.


ET The Extraterrestrial [1982]

E.T. is a friendly alien that finds himself stranded on planet Earth in the 1982 film. He befriends a young boy and his siblings who agree to keep his existence secret and help him return home. When the government eventually finds out about E.T.'s existence they are not as kind and want to intervene.


District 9 [2009]

The Prawns from the 2009 film, District 9, are an invasive and aggressive alien species colonizing on the planet Earth. After arriving, the alien species are quarantined to a small district in Johannesburg. Their population quickly expands, in part due to their asexual reproduction, and they become a danger to the surrounding human population. The Prawns are stronger and taller than humans with a hard exoskeleton. They are also skilled weaponry engineers and create a range of extremely powerful energy weapons that can only be activated by their species.